Planet Subsector Sector Coordinates
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Spinward Marches
Index TAS
-4,-1 Hex 0909
Info Trade Travel Store Animals Encounters
Passengers, Freight, and Mail are avaialble from the Travel screen.

World Info

StarportCRoutine Quality. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present
Size58,000 km
Atmosphere7Standard. Tainted. Requires filter mask
Hydrographics220% water
Government1Company/Corporation. Government by a company managerial elite, citizens are company employees. Restricts: Weapons, Drugs, Technology, Travellers, Psionics
Law0No prohibitions
TechAInterstellar community
RemarksHe: Hellworld. Ni: Non-Industrial. Da: Danger. A: Amber.

Starport Info

Berthing Cost To Dock400200
Per day100100
Berthing Wait Time Small Craft1 minutesNo wait
StarcraftNo waitNo wait
Capital4 minutes
Refined Fuel Cost500500
Unrefined Fuel Cost100100
Fuel Wait Time Small Craft50 minutes20 minutes
StarcraftNo wait1 minutes
Capital10 minutes
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